Reviews of the book

Wall Street Journal: “A brisk and engaging case, ‘Clean Meat’ advocates without overselling.”
NPR: “[A]n incredibly promising and hopeful message.”
Psychology Today: “Paul Shapiro’s new book ‘Clean Meat’ is a definitive and global game-changer.”
Globe and Mail (Canada): “‘Clean meat’ could be a major revolution for the agriculture sector.”
Modern Farmer: A “fascinating and thought-provoking book.”
Big Think: “Shapiro’s book is a wake-up call.”
Fast Company: “Our ‘Clean Meat’ Future Will Be Radical–But Also Inevitable”
Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (Australia): “Brave new burger – the race to put lab-grown meat on the table”
Pacific Standard: A “carefully researched and lively written volume.”
Kirkus review: “An intriguing argument.”
Compassion in World Farming calls Clean Meat a “must-read” and “a highly readable and intensely personal account”
EcoLit Books says “Clean Meat should be read by anyone who cares about the planet”
Nonprofit Chronicles: “Meat: You Say You Want a Revolution”

Written commentaries by Paul Shapiro about the book

Scientific American: “Lab-Grown Meat is on the Way,” by Paul Shapiro
The Guardian features excerpt from Clean Meat
Motherboard features excerpt from Clean Meat
Globe and Mail: “Why holiday meals might look radically different in the near future,” by Paul Shapiro

Interviews about the book

VICE Canada: “Why I Believe Lab-Grown ‘Clean Meat’ Is the Future”
Business News Network (Canada): “Growing meat without animals: The potential of cellular agriculture”
CBSN: “What is clean meat and should you be eating it?”
CTV News (Canada): “‘Clean meat’: How growing meat could change your dinner game”
Science Magazine podcast: “Q&A with Paul Shapiro, author of Clean Meat”
Rich Roll podcast: “What is clean meat? Paul Shapiro on the future of food”
Newsy: “‘The Why’ with Paul Shapiro”
Food for Thought with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau podcast: “Interview with Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro”
#EatForThePlanet Podcast: “Paul Shapiro on Clean Meat and the Quest to End Factory Farming”
Good Food Institute: “Interview with Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro”
The Social Exchange podcast: “Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro”
YogaBody podcast: “Lab-Grown Clean Meat & the Future of Food”
My Food Job Rocks podcast: “The Clean Meat Revolution with Paul Shapiro”
Vegan Strategist: “Is clean meat the animals’ best hope? An interview with Paul Shapiro”
VegNews Magazine: “Is So-Called Clean Meat Vegan? Paul Shapiro Has the Answer”
Livegan Podcast: “Paul Shapiro’s Clean Meat”
Vegansaurus: “Vegansaurus Talks with Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro”
Easy Vegan with JL Fields podcast: “Paul Shapiro on Clean Meat”

World’s First-Ever Book Bound in Clean Leather

San Francisco Chronicle: “San Leandro lab’s secret foray yields animal-free leather”
Newsweek: “World’s First Animal-Free Leather Bound Book on Ebay for $10,000”
Smithsonian Magazine: “This Book Is Bound in Lab-Grown Jellyfish Leather”
New Food Economy: “The world’s first book bound in “clean” leather can be yours for $10,000”
Innovators Magazine: “Bid for the biotech book”
One Green Planet: “Check Out the World’s First Book Bound in Leather That Was Created in a Lab – Without Harming a Single Animal!”
Good Food Institute: “World’s First-Ever Clean Leather-Bound Book!”