The Book

The next great scientific revolution is underway: discovering new ways to create enough food for the world’s ever-growing, ever-hungry population. In the Washington Post bestseller, Clean Meat (2018), Paul Shapiro chronicles the entrepreneurs and investors racing to commercialize the world’s first real animal products grown without animals.

Whereas our ancestors domesticated wild animals into livestock, today we’re beginning to domesticate their cells, leaving the animals out of the equation. And the story Paul Shapiro tells of this Second Domestication is anything but tame.

Shapiro gives you a front-row seat for the wild story of the race to create and commercialize cleaner, safer, sustainable meat—real meat—without the animals. From the entrepreneurial visionaries to the scientists’ workshops to the big business boardrooms, Shapiro details the quest for clean meat and other animal products and examines the debate raging around it.

Table of Contents
Foreword: Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens
Chapter 1: The Second Domestication
Chapter 2: Science to the Rescue
Chapter 3: (Google) Searching for a Solution
Chapter 4: Leading with Leather
Chapter 5: Clean Meat Coming to America
Chapter 6: Project Jake
Chapter 7: Brewing Food (and Controversy)
Chapter 8: Tasting the Future

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